Household Accessories

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In home, the emphasis is on function and utility. So, no matter how great a kitchen design looks on paper, if it does not fit into your home, then, there is absolutely no reason why you should buy it. An important thing about kitchen to keep in mind when buying them is the Work triangle. This is the triangular space that is created between the hob, the sink, and the fridge or storage space. For an ideal kitchen, this space should be equivalent from each corner creating an isosceles triangle. This way you can reach anything you want while cooking without having too much chaos in your chef’s area.

Elements kitchens solutions which caters all needs of modern household accessories with exact requirement of every woman. We are made of skilled and artistic people who have dedicated themselves to fulfill the dream home complete. We remain active and alert to know the latest trends nationally and internationally.

We supply household accessories of Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade like Baskets, Cutlery Tray, Carrousels, Magical Corners, Larder Units, Dado Accessories, etc. required for home. Clever Storage Behind every door a specialist. A closet is by no means the same cupboard - certainly not in the kitchen! On the contrary, the interior furnishes what is in it: pots and pans, glasses and plates, and of course your supplies!

Because a well organized storage is the best recipe for cooks and connoisseurs. Clever Storage ensures that everything in your kitchen has its place, is optimally stored - and is fast to access. And it ideally combines the beauty with the practical - saves space and time.