Our Approach

A modular kitchen is essentially made of modules manufactured in a factory. It is assembled on site according to the design approved by the client. Essentially Modular kitchen constitute Shutters, Carcass, Accessories, Electro-domestics (chimney & Hobs) and Hardware.

The firm will engage in selling, designing and assembling (installing) these at required residential sites. The world is fast moving towards modular interiors and this change has come about due to the lack of time to sit and design with carpenters, not to mention the messy process, which takes ages to complete.

There is major work difference between others & ELEMENTS. The firm does not work with preset sizes or ideas. It adopts the workspace and storage areas, and builds the cabinets and structural components to suit the specific needs of every client to maximize efficiency and utility.

Our People

The firm is being promoted by two young and Dynamic promoters.

CEO : Manoj Deraje – MBA (Marketing) manoj@elements4kitchens.com

COO : Pavan Kulkarni – MBA (Marketing) pavan@elements4kitchens.com

Procedure We undertake to Create an “ELEMENTS” ( DREAM) Kitchen

Measure the kitchen

We’ll start by measuring all the walls, window(s), door(s) and appliances in the kitchen. We’ll need a tape measure (in M M) along with a paper and pencil.

Choose an ambiance

Following Client/Architect suggestions or our own instinct, we’ll pick an ambiance for your kitchen, from among ,ELEMENTS Country-Style, ELEMENTS Classic, Freestyle.

Choose the sink and appliances

We’ll be able to choose from a wide range of sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators and ranges.

Lay out the floor plan

After determining the shape of the room, we’ll lay out the door(s) and window(s) as per the measurements we took at Step 1.

Place the sink, appliances and cabinets

This step is where we’ll choose where to put each element of the kitchen. We can choose to place the cabinets automatically.

Choose the colors and floor covering

We’ll place the finishing touches on the kitchen using one of the color palettes suggested by Architect/Designer, or our own choice of colors.

Display the results

Once everything is in place, we’ll have completed your Dream Elements Kitchen .